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great game 

do you have plans to release it on mobile or mac version?

keep the good work!

wonderful design!

Thanks dude, I'll be working on a bit of an update for next week. Really appreciate the comment :D

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you're welcome. So it's just you working alone on this game? What tools are you using to produce your games?

... I guess a little research on my end helps! But I'm still curious to know what choice of tools you're using for the games as I am a developer using only Unity3D along with other tools such as Photoshop and Blender to build out my assets. I'm happy with Unity but wondering what other people like yourself/team prefer to use when considering game dev from start to finish. Thanks for any suggestions. I just downloaded Not a Hero from PS4 store and look forward to playing. Posting to my friends on my social media networks as well! Thanks again.