A downloadable game for Windows

This is an old prototype that I've returned to Recently.

Geoffrey ventures into the ork-infested caves in search for loot and glory.
Geoff is an old dude, he's not really cut out to fight orks in close combat, so he relies on his trusty bow and arrows.

Explore dungeons, use tactical bowmanship, platform around, collect loot. Try not to die!

This is a super early demo. There's 3 enemy types, 2 dungeons and 5 types of arrow. More updates will be coming soon. ish.

Install instructions

Download and Unzip the RAR.
Instructions inside :D




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great game 

do you have plans to release it on mobile or mac version?

keep the good work!

wonderful design!

Thanks dude, I'll be working on a bit of an update for next week. Really appreciate the comment :D

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you're welcome. So it's just you working alone on this game? What tools are you using to produce your games?

... I guess a little research on my end helps! But I'm still curious to know what choice of tools you're using for the games as I am a developer using only Unity3D along with other tools such as Photoshop and Blender to build out my assets. I'm happy with Unity but wondering what other people like yourself/team prefer to use when considering game dev from start to finish. Thanks for any suggestions. I just downloaded Not a Hero from PS4 store and look forward to playing. Posting to my friends on my social media networks as well! Thanks again.